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[Etch] Re: fbiterm and Japanese (and French...)

2 years and 4 months later...

My original problem was X configuration on my PowerBook G4 (Titanium). The impossibility to use X led me to consider the use of various unicode supporting terminals as well as a Japanese input system plus the French input (with dead keys) on that Japan 106 Apple keyboard.

I tried Etch last night and it was simply a breeze to install and configure. I have it running, with the Japanese input, in an English locale.

Now the problem is setting the French input on that keyboard. Since it is an Apple Japanese keyboard, it comes with keys that are not found on PC keyboards. Also, I'd like to be able to use the keyboard as close as I used to when on the Mac side: Command instead of Control, Alt as a dead key and used also in Japanese input (for ex to type "…") etc...

Is there a relatively easy to understand how all that works and how to fix it the way I want it ?

Jean-Christophe Helary

On lundi 02 oct. 06, at 17:39, David Kuehling wrote:

"Jean-Christophe" == Jean-Christophe Helary <fusion@mx6.tiki.ne.jp > writes:
Now I need to figure out a number of things that are not exactly

1) My keyboard is roughly a jp106. How can configure the system to be
able to input French with as little hassle as possible ?

2) Second input question: I need Japanese input. What is the input
method that works the best with fbiterm ? And will all applications
running in fbiterm accept the input. Are there still applications that
do not support UTF-8 input/display ?

You might want to consider using emacs on console to do your work.
Install emacs21 and mule-ucs.  On Debian Sarge you will need to define
some environment variable to actually activate mule-ucs (see
/usr/share/doc/mule-ucs/README.Debian or Changelog)

In emacs, enter M-x set-terminal-coding-system <Ret> utf-8 <Ret> to
enable emacs to output japanese characters on your console.

To input japanese, enter M-x set-input-method <Ret> japanese <Ret>

To input french, you might try
M-x set-input-method <Ret> french-prefix <Ret>

If you need a console with japanese input, just run a console from
within emacs:  M-x shell <Ret>
or probably better:  M-x eshell <Ret>

To enter M-x (Meta-x) from the console, you might have to press the
sequence <Esc> x instead.

If you need a more evolved input method than the emacs-internal
"japanese", try to install anthy and anthy-el. Then configure anthy for
japanese input.  This should work much better.

To view the documentation of emacs' internal japanese input method,

M-x describe-input-method <Ret> japanese <Ret>


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