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Re: Bug#483290: status of merge?


> Unzip version 6.0d compiles well with the /debian directory of 5.52-12. It
> seems to have new Unicode facilities, that can be enabled by compiling with
> -DUNICODE_SUPPORT. It adds two options:
>   -H  use escapes for all non-ASCII Unicode
>   -U  ignore any Unicode fields
> I did not manage to make something useful with them.

I think this new upstream feature is not quite sufficient, and would
like to have features that is found in Ubuntu patch.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, historically filenames in Japanese ZIP
files are encoded in SJIS(windows), and EUC(UNIX), and to maintain
compatibility with them, UNZIP needs to be able to convert filename
encoding from SJIS/EUC-JP to the current filesystem locale (which may
or may not be what current locale (EUC-JP until sarge, or UTF-8 after


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