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Re: Recent upgrade in Lenny botched CJK fonts

On Wed Dec 10 at 00:00 (-0500), you wrote:
> > [...] Besides, I can still see the fonts in font selecting apps,
> What does the following give you:
> dpkg -l ttf\*mincho ttf\*gothic

That was the first thing I did to check whether they were still
installed.  And because I thought maybe dpkg could be lying (never did
before, but you never know...), I checked I could still see the fonts
(and the characters in them!) in font-selecting apps.  And I could.

> But installing one of each of these fonts fixed my issue.

I could try and install the other mincho and gothic, just in case the
problem was with the actual fonts.  Hopefully, I'll have time enough to
do that tonight.

Thomas PARIS
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