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Re: Recent upgrade in Lenny botched CJK fonts

On Mon Dec  8 at 05:24 (+0900), Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> Then three days ago, I did an aptitude upgrade, and Evolution, Iceweasel
> and Galeon stopped showing Japanese, Korean and Chinese fonts!
> Has anyone here had any similar problems?  Do you know what my problem
> might be?

I think we might have the same problem.  I'm running unstable and many
non-ascii characters are not displayed anymore (instead, the character
code is shown, as if the non-ascii fonts were missing, which they're

I haven't had time to properly track down the issue and can't even say
which package is responsible (hence haven't reported the bug).  But
comparing your list of new packages with some of the bug reports I've
seen, I think it might be fontconfig.  Not sure, though.  I think we
should try and downgrade to -1 and see if it fixes the problem.
However, I'm too busy these days to try and mess up my system.  And
while I'll have more time in a week from now, I'll be far away from this

Sorry if this doesn't help much.

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