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Re: Recent upgrade in Lenny botched CJK fonts

Le mardi 09 décembre 2008 à 07:35 +0900, Adam C Powell IV a écrit :
> > If some CJK fonts are missing on your system, you should simply install
> > the corresponding ttf-* font packages.
> Thanks, that did it.
> This seems like a very significant change this long after the freeze,
> which could make a lot of users unhappy.  A few issues:
>       * Is it prominent in the release notes?

I thought etch was not affected by this issue since I uploaded
specifically a fix targeted for it (2.3.2-7), but I just checked in a
clean etch chroot, and it looks it was broken in the meantime before the
release. So maybe this should be in the release notes, indeed.

>       * Will the release managers accept changes to packages, e.g. *-ja
>         packages adding "Suggests: ttf-japanese-gothic" or -mincho?
>       * Where are the old bitmap fonts so I can get rid of them?
>         They're nowhere in my debfoster list, so packages must still
>         depend on them.  Can we get rid of dependencies on old bitmap
>         fonts before the Lenny release as well, so it's obvious to users
>         that they're no longer needed?

That would be the xfonts-* packages. You only need xfonts-base so that
the X server can find “fixed”.

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