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Re: Help with a Japanese license

Thanks!!! Really, lots of thanks!! :)

I've just emailed the author again about it. His answer to my previous email
was: "Their licenses are permitting everything if you write my name anywhere
on the readme.". In the original text, is "please tell me via mail or other
means" written in a way that suggests a requisite or just a suggestion? Or
is it ambiguous? It's quite important because if it's a requisite, it cannot
go into Debian main.

In any case, I've asked upstream about it. I'll keep you informed :)

Thanks a lot!!


2007/9/7, Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp>:
> > I'm packaging some games from a japanese developer, and it seems that
> the
> > license texts are in Japanese. The original tarballs include some .txt
> files
> > ( http://users.alioth.debian.org/~baby-guest/tmp/ ) and seem to say that
> the
> > license under which they can be distributed is:
> > http://www5.atwiki.jp/yaruhara/pages/56.html. According to upstream
> "Their
> > licenses are permitting everything if you write my name anywhere on the
> > readme.". I have the translation provided by google, but I want/need to
> have
> > a proper translation to put into debian/copyright.
> >
> > Can anyone around there who knows Japanese give me a helping hand with
> all
> > this stuff?
> It sounds like a 'mailware' to me, but it probably needs some checking
> with
> the author.
> I assume the original is this:
> 免責・著作・配布
> 柔かいコト
> 本ゲームは「みんなで楽しく」やわらかいです。
> 本ゲームを改造したりイジったバージョンを配布しても、何らOKです。改造たのしーい!
> 改造したところや改造した人の名前を、分かりやすいところに書いておくと
> いいかもしれません。
> ナイスな改造が出来たら メールなどで教えて。俺にも遊ばせてください。
> 改造とか一切してないものは好きにコピーして配布しちゃって結構結構。
> rough translation:
> Disclaimer / Copyright / Redistribution
>   Soft (as in simple, easy) stuff.
>     This game is "for everyone's fun", and it's soft stuff.
>     if you redistribute modified or changed version, that's
>     OK. Modification is fun!  It might be better to note down the
>     places of modification and the name of the person who modified it
>     in a location which is obvious.
>     If you could make a cool modification, please tell me via mail or
>     other means. Let me enjoy your modifications too.
>     If you have not done any modifications, you can freely distribute
>     without problems.
> regards,
>         junichi
> --
> dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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