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emacs21-nox in utf-8 with japanese and french at the same time.

Dear all,

I am using emacs21-nox on a Debian Etch which otherwise works very well
with japanese. However, I do not manage to input kanas or kanjis in
unicode. Strangely however, I manage to input french accents in unicode,
so I really do not know where the problem is.

I heard yesterday at the 東京エリア勉強会 that it is possible to use
emacs with japanese, but I realise this morning that my problem is maybe
more an unicode problem...

Does anybody manage to use emacs in japanese with unicode? It is
important for me, because it is the only encoding in which one can have
french accents and japanese characters in the same document.

Bonne journée !

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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