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Re: Bug#402621: tin updated ja.po

On Dec 11, Atsushi Shimono <shimono@mozilla.gr.jp> wrote:

> Here's updated Japanese po-debconf template (ja.po) file that
> reviewed by several Japanese Debian developers and users.
> Could you apply it, please?
I'd love to, but apparently it's not valid UTF-8.
Can somebody check this file please? I'd like to make a new upload of

md@bongo:/USR3/src/P/tin/tin-1.9.2+20061021$ LANG= msgfmt debian/po/ja.po
debian/po/ja.po:17:9: invalid multibyte sequence
debian/po/ja.po:17:13: invalid multibyte sequence
msgfmt: too many errors, aborting


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