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Re: low spec machines

At 19 Feb 07 14:08:33 GMT,
Jean-Christophe Helary wrote:
> I just installed the latest iso-cds on an FMV-Biblo NE4/50C. KDE runs  
> ok, but is slow to launch applications.
> I am wondering if Xfce is localized enough so that a Japanese person  
> could easily make use of that machine (set in an NGO office  
> environment for non-geeks).

Xfce is already packaged as "xfce4". It seems be enough localized.

> Since I don't do Debian installs everyday, I'd also like to know what  
> would be the easiest way to share files with a MacIntel/OSX machine  
> through the wireless YahooBB environment they have.

IMHO samba is the easist way to share files with MacOS X.

Kenshi Muto

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