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On some broken Japanese mails


Japanese mails have been always correctly encoded than ones in other
languages.  But recently I have received several Japanese spams broken
in evolution and thunderbird.  These mails have RFC2047 ISO2022-JP
encoded headers, but the actual contents are in shift jis.  For example:

("echo glKCT5VigsWPgJT1iq6XuQ== | mimencode -u -b" to decode it)

I wonder (1) what program generates this wrong encoded header.  Or (if
the program is just an ignorable spam bot) (2)whether the common mail
readers (outlook or some web mails) read this header correctly.  If the
most Japanese users can read this header by some workaround of their
mail reader, it may be worth to patch evolution or thunderbird.

Changwoo Ryu <cwryu@debian.org>

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