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edict problem

Hi, there~

I'm trying to install english->japanese and japanese->english
dictionaries. Currently, i've installed (apt-get):

sdic, sdic-edict, sdic-gene95, edict, edict-el

And then, in .emacs, i have,

(setq sdic-eiwa-dictionary-list
      '((sdicf-client "/usr/share/dict/gene.sdic")))

With this, i'm able to search by japanese->english. But, i can't search
by english->japanese. The problem seems that sdic-edict hasn't installed
a english->japanese dictionary for me. In /usr/share/dict/, i only find,

gene.dic, gene.sdic, jedict.sdic

I tried, 

(setq sdic-waei-dictionary-list
      '((sdicf-client "/usr/share/dict/jedict.sdic"
                      (add-keys-to-headword t))))

But it doesn't work..

Any ideas?

ps. Please 'CC to me, since i'm subscribing to this list, thanks.


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