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How to Icecast streaming

Dear all, Hello, This is Junichi Takada. My PC environment is Linux of Devian sarge3.1 . And it installed apache2.0, Icecast2.0, and DarwinStreamingServer5.5 Icecast used port 8000, DSS used port 9000 and 554. Now, I attached mp3s link on my web site. And when other client PC clicked it's link address, mp3 as meta file remains in it's cache. About account, Web dir account and StreamingServer account ( Icecast and DSS is the same account) are divided. And I'm putting the mp3 file on Icecast Server one by one. is there how to streaming other protcol. Now, most important problem can down load anyone my mp3 files as meta file. So, please tell me how to it. Best Regard J.Takada

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