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NEC Pc9821 LS 150 need help very badly

Hey I was wondering if you knew much abou Nec PC9821 laptops. I have the Ls 150 S1 D2 Aile model with port replicator and floppy/dvd module. I have tried debian woody but the install is all in Japanese...is have tried loadkeys from prompt on a terminal within the installer. I can barely make it through fdisk....beyond that I'm lost. The laptop had japanese win 95 on it initially...I've tried freebsd 5.x.x and I get everything installed then the kernel faults on boot. I need info on this laptop in english so I can atleast know how to get into the bios, how to make a boot floppy or get access to system floppies, and how to get the unit to boot from cdrom. I tried emailing Nec and they told me I have to be in japan for support of the 9821. I have Japanese windows 98...I'd much rather run Debian or a Bsd on the box but if all fails help windoze will suffice.

Please Help Me
Been working on this unit for 2 yrs and much progress but little success, ie kernel faults and japanese language barrier.

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