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slang1-ja: #71126: help needed


I am investigating bug #71126,
"slang1-1.4.1 doesn't have SLANG_HAS_KANJI_SUPPORT=1"

slang1 is now at version 1.4.9, and SLANG_HAS_KANJI_SUPPORT is
not used. Instead, slang1 now has UTF-8 support.
>From the bug report, turning on HAS_KANJI_SUPPORT can break
some other functionality, such as screen, etc.

I wish to know whether HAS_KANJI_SUPPORT is still an issue,
given UTF-8 support. There is a package slang1-ja, but this
is no longer present in sarge or sid, just woody.

Should I close this bug? Can a Japanese speaker please comment?

Please Cc: me (mckinstry@debian.org) as I do not follow

Alastair McKinstry

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