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Removing -japanese version of jed, slang and slrn

There are 3 forks of popular packages in the archive with a special
-qa version: jed-ja, slang1-ja and slrn-ja.  Unfortunately, these were
orphaned 1 year and 100 days ago, and still they have not been
adopted.  This means that they are out of date with regards to the
proper version:

  jed-ja 0.99.10.jp0-3.3 (jed: 0.99.16-3.2)
  slang1-ja 1.4.2-2.2 (slang1: 1.4.9-2)
  slrn-ja (slrn:

I doubt that these -ja patches will get merged upstream anytime soon
unless someone actually does something; also, in some cases, other
programs handle Japanese just fine (slrn -> tin).

My basic question is: what shall we do with these -ja packages?  After
1 year and 100 days, I really think that they should be removed.  Do
the normal packages still not support Japanese, and what is being done
about this?  Is anyone concerned about this and working on a solution?
Martin Michlmayr

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