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Re: gs-aladdin and Japanese fonts


>>>>> In <[🔎] 403A3425.2080104@yahoo.com> 
>>>>>	Tetsuji Rai <tetsuji_rai@yahoo.com> wrote:
TR> I'm using debian-testing.

I have sid and woody box, but don't have sarge, also I'm not sure,

TR> When I handle a ps file including Japanese fonts gs-aladdin doesn't handle
TR> Japanese characters.  English characters are fine.   It always complain
TR> whenever it finds Japanese characters:


You could find some varients of "gs", gs(gs-gnu), gs-ja, gs-esp, these
can handle japanese chars, perhaps.

;; Now, I using gs-gnu on woody, gs-esp on sid box, with Japanese.

;; I have installed all of these, and sometime I would like to use
;; other one, using to change with `update-alternatives --config gs'.

There is some way for handling fonts, you could found some documents
arround /usr/share/doc/gs* , about vflib, cjk-resources or CID.

Have a fun.

 Shinichiro HIDA 

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