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gs-aladdin and Japanese fonts

I'm using debian-testing.

When I handle a ps file including Japanese fonts gs-aladdin doesn't handle
Japanese characters.  English characters are fine.   It always complain
whenever it finds Japanese characters:
Can't find (or can't open) font file /Resource/Font/Ryumin-Light-EUC-H.
Can't find (or can't open) font file Ryumin-Light-EUC-H.
Substituting font Courier for Ryumin-Light-EUC-H
--Substituting font Courier for Ryumin-Light-EUC-H
again and again.  And as a matter of course small rectangles appear in the
places of Japanese characters.   What's the solution?

I've been using Linux (first redhat, then debian) for more than 6 years, but
I am not an expert of ghostscript, especially handling Japanese (though I'm
Japanese :) .)   I guess I should just install appropriate Japanese fonts,
but I'm not sure which one I should install and where.  At least I cannot
find among debian packages.   So will anyone point me to the appropriate
The reason why I don't use the standard gs package is that gs package
doesn't handle ps files from mozilla, and cannot print mozilla output.
Fortunately gs-aladdin can handle mozilla output in English.   But I want
Japanese also.  This is my situation.

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.
Tetsuji Rai (in Tokyo) aka AF-One (Athlete's Foot-One)
Born to be the luckiest guy in the world!   May the Force be with me!
fax: 1-516-706-0320

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