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Problems with Japanese input and KDE

Hi all,

I have been trying hard to convince my system (KDE 3.1.3 on woody) to let me 
read and write Japanese - with a good amount of success but some problems as 
My situation is that I use Hungarian environment (which needs a lot of special 
characters, too) and I'd like to configure the Japanese one beside, not 
instead of it.
First I tried set-language-env but it apparently changed my system's native 
language to Japanese and I was unable to use Hungarian any more.
Now I have canna and kinput2 installed, I have the MS Arial Unicode fonts in a 
directory noticed in XF86Config.
If I edit my .xinitrc the way described in the thread 'multi-language debian' 
earlier in this topic I can use kmail to read and write in Japanese 
(shift-space works nicely) but other apps (like kwrite, nedit) don't do the 
trick. In this state I cannot use my native language (missing characters), 
everything seems to slow down (application loading, button responses etc.), 
and whenever I open a konsole, a warning message complaints about fonts which 
cannot be found. So it is far from perfect.
I don't know if I need some additive info to add about my settings - please 
let me know if any of you can help me with this matter.



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