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Re: Problems with Japanese input and KDE

Szabó Balázs wrote:

> My situation is that I use Hungarian environment (which needs a
> lot of special characters, too) and I'd like to configure the
> Japanese one beside, not instead of it.

So you want 'multilingualisation' (M17N), not 'localisation'. This
means you want to go for Unicode, with a multilingual locale.

'M17N' in all its aspects --viewing, keyboard input, printing--
seems to be like the Holy Grail.

I am also searching for this Holy Grail. So far the best method I
found is to have a multilingual locale (e.g. en_GB.UTF-8) with a
multilingual input system (GTK2 Immodules + im-ja) and a
multilingual editor (e.g. bluefish), and then use copy-and-paste.
For the details of my (limited) progress so far see


I also would advise you to subscribe to the Linux UTF-8 mailing list:


which specialises in "M17N" questions (rather than just "Japanese"

Regards, Jan

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