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Re: Newbie questions...

You neeed at least gs-cjk-resource

The package page reccommends the font files you need for Japanese, and
you also need at least cmap-adobe-japan1.

> If `gv' shows the fonts, you can embed the font into your postscript
> file via `ps2ps' which should make the text print directly on any
> non-japanese postscript printer.  Any other printer you have a driver
> for should work as well.
> A maybe simpler alternative for creating a printable postscript version
> of a plain japanese text file, is using `e2ps', included in Woody.  You
> will also need to filter the output with `ps2ps' if you want to print on
> non-japanese printers.
> Before Debian supported printing japanese postscript files in Potato (at
> least I didn't know how to do it), I used BDF-Fonts which `ps-print' can
> embed into your PostScript output.  They don't look very neat, but work
> very well for many languages.  The BDF fonts are contained in the
> `xfonts-intl-*' _source_ packages.

They are also contained in the emacs-intl-fonts package, in which case
they will go directly into the directory emacs expects to find them
in, and the only set-up you need is:
(setq ps-multibyte-buffer 'bdf-font)

Francis Bond  <www.kecl.ntt.co.jp/icl/mtg/members/bond/>
NTT Communication Science Laboratories | Machine Translation Research Group

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