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mutt-ja etc

> I am using:
> mutt 1.3.28i-ja.1 (2002-03-13) (patches from: http://www.emaillab.org/mutt/)
> and
> jvim-canna 3.0-2.1a-4 Japanized VIM (Canna version)

in the partial debian 3.0 cd i got from linux japan (?), but on the us
http server as well i could not find an update for my old mutt-ja:
Mutt 0.95.4i-jp2 (1999-03-03) is the version i use...

where did you get yours ?

i curently have both installed. mutt for when i need to read my french
mail and mutt-ja for the japanese one. i have dreams of a world where
mutt will recognize the environment it is in and display the mails

the mutt i have is Mutt 1.3.28i (2002-03-13) (would the i mean anything
like 'internationalized' ??? is it a feature i am not yet aware of ?)

jc helary

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