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Re: cd-set/books シディー・本


Unfortunately there isn't any book about Woody in Japan, but are some

You can see the list at http://www.debian.or.jp/Book.html.

1. Linux Magazine Oct 2002 (only i386 Disc 1)
2. LinuxWorld June 2002 (pre-release, only i386 Disc 1)
3. Unix User May 2002 (pre-release, DVD(i386 binary full-set))

(Hmm, Woody is too large to include as appendix CD...)
You'll be able to get back numbers from (larger) book store.

And you can see some CD vendors at http://www.debian.or.jp/CDROM.html.

Kenshi Muto

> I want to obtain a set of deb-CDs (woody). As I only have a 
> _slow_ modemconnection, download wont work for me. A book would 
> also be nice.
> So the best thing for me would be a book/CD-set. Now, I have seen
> that - but potato only :( And also on the net I wasnt able to 
> find any books about woody or CDs. Does anyone of you know,
> wether there already are woody-books (preferably but not
> necessaryly in japanese) out there. Or at least a CD-set?
> Thanks for any advice you can give me

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