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>>>>> "Julien" == Julien Portalier <julien@portalier.com> writes:

    > Well, i just had a look at this new Input Method (IIIMF stands
    > for Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework), and it appears to
    > be really good !

    > Url : http://www.li18nux.org/subgroups/im/IIIMF/

    > And debian packages are even available there :
    > http://people.debian.org/~rogerso/im-sdk/dists/sid/main/

    > The "htt-server" package implements the main IIIMF server which
    > uses plugins (japanese one is still not available as a debian
    > package, but simplified chinese one is: htt-le-newpy) to be able
    > to use the packages.  There already is a XIM package which
    > implements a XIM interface to IIIMF, so we can use mozilla, gtk,
    > and any other applciation which uses XIM to use IIIMF (package:
    > htt-xbe).

    > As far as i can see by changing the plugin used by IIIMF this
    > changes the input in applications. Just like Global IME does
    > under windows. So, if we have an applet running under our gnome,
    > kde or another wm, we can easily change the input method (with a
    > keyboard shortcut for example).

    > Developments to have Gtk+, Mozilla & OpenOffice use of IIIMF
    > directly will be started after the libiiimp (iiim protocol) is
    > released.  That's sound great, don't you think ? I still didn't
    > tried it, i will in the next few days. It looks like to correct
    > all the limitations evolved by the old XIM. And i don't think it
    > will be a so long term development, snapshots are already
    > available, and 1.0 version of libiiimp is sheduled for Q4 2002,
    > it's not so far from now, implements to have gtk+ and other apps
    > to get use of this would start near after. We can swear to have
    > something working quite good for the Q2 2003 ^^

Sounds good.  I'll look into it more.  Thanks!

And thanks to Tomohiro.

    > I'm not a developper, but i will try this regularly to give
    > feedbacks and make things run better.  For now i'm using
    > gtk2&gnome2 with japanese locale...  Julien

By the way, what fonts are you using for gnome2?  Are you using it
antialiased?  With regular fonts, I can get japanese showing properly,
but when it's antialiased, I can't.  Any ideas?



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