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Well, i just had a look at this new Input Method (IIIMF stands for
Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework), and it appears to be really
good !

Url : http://www.li18nux.org/subgroups/im/IIIMF/

And debian packages are even available there :

The "htt-server" package implements the main IIIMF server which uses
plugins (japanese one is still not available as a debian package, but
simplified chinese one is: htt-le-newpy) to be able to use the packages.
There already is a XIM package which implements a XIM interface to
IIIMF, so we can use mozilla, gtk, and any other applciation which uses
XIM to use IIIMF (package: htt-xbe).

As far as i can see by changing the plugin used by IIIMF this changes
the input in applications. Just like Global IME does under windows. So,
if we have an applet running under our gnome, kde or another wm, we can
easily change the input method (with a keyboard shortcut for example).

Developments to have Gtk+, Mozilla & OpenOffice use of IIIMF directly
will be started after the libiiimp (iiim protocol) is released.
That's sound great, don't you think ? I still didn't tried it, i will in
the next few days. It looks like to correct all the limitations evolved
by the old XIM. And i don't think it will be a so long term development,
snapshots are already available, and 1.0 version of libiiimp is sheduled
for Q4 2002, it's not so far from now, implements to have gtk+ and other
apps to get use of this would start near after. We can swear to have
something working quite good for the Q2 2003 ^^

I'm not a developper, but i will try this regularly to give feedbacks
and make things run better.
For now i'm using gtk2&gnome2 with japanese locale...

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