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Re: [Q]TrueType Japanese fonts

tkubota> 'xtt-fonts' package is available.  Unfortunately, it is not a part
tkubota> of official Debian distribution.  Please check Debian JP Project
tkubota> http://www.debian.or.jp/ and you will find the package.

Yes, I found it.

tkubota> Note that XFree86 3.x cannot handle Japanese truetype font.  You
tkubota> will need xfs-xtt package.  If you are using XFree86 4.x, use "xtt"
tkubota> module instead of "freetype" module.
tkubota> Documents in user-ja (potato) or language-env (woody) package may
tkubota> help you.

Yeah, now I can select Mincho(XTT4netscape) font for jis x0208 1983 in
Netscape. It looks fine. Thank you so much for great help.



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