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Wnn for Emacs

I was using Wnn4.2 to input Japanese on Emacs20.3/Mule4.0 in Slink.
But after I upgraded Emacs20.3 to Emacs20.7, Wnn does not work on
Emacs any more. When Ctrl-\ always SKK start up in Emacs even though 
freewnn-jserver was started.
The following packages related to Emacs in potato was install in
my Slink box.

ii  emacs-dl-wnn    0.4.1-9        Wnn DL module for emacs20-dl
ii  emacs20-dl      20.7-4         The GNU Emacs editor. (Dynamic Loading suppo
ii  emacs20-dl-dev  20.7-4         Dynamic Loading GNU Emacs header files. (for
ii  emacs20-dl-el   20.7-4         GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files. (for emacs20-dl)
ii  emacsen-common  1.4.12         Common facilities for all emacsen.
ii  freewnn-common  1.1.0+1.1.1-a0 Files shared among freewnn packages
ii  freewnn-jserver 1.1.0+1.1.1-a0 Japanese input system

Do I lost some required packages? or I should add something in ~/.emacs file?
Thank you so much for your consideration.

Best regards,


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