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Re: X window Truetype support

 Anthony Wong <ypwong@debian.org>
   Subject: X window Truetype support
   Message-ID: <[🔎] 19991103083003.A2970@asunaro.dhs.org>

>> May be this has been discussed elsewhere, can you inform me of
>> the strategy that debian-jp will make towards the Truetype support
>> in X? As the xfsft patch has been backed out from Debian's xfree86
>> package, and as Debian-JP's website mentioned there will not be
>> any more new packages from Debian JP, so will there be any updates
>> to the current xserver-xtt-* packages? I think Truetype support
>> is quite important to Japanese, isn't it?

 Hi, I'm X-TT package of Debian JP's mainainer(,one of a X-TT
upstream auther and a member of XFree86 developper). 

 Yes, I think That TrueType font support on X is very important to
CJKV people. 

 I already posted wishlist to BTS(Bug#42943). This is patch to merge
into xfree86-1 package, but I don't have any comment of this report...

 Yes, I understand that TrueType support marge into xfree86-1 package
is complex and this work's priority is low. But in CJKV area TrueType
support on X is very very important. So, if I can, I would like to
upload "X-TT enhanced X font server package" (xfs-xtt). I think that
is "ad hoc solution" for potato. 

 I work to resolve "xfsft segmantation fault on Alpha plathome" (X-TT
is already 64 bit clean and work fine on Alpha plathome), X-TT
1.3.0 (new upstream release of X-TT) to merge into XFree86 3.9.x, and
to merge xfsft and X-TT for XFree86 4.0 release. These works are not
in time for potato freeze, but we need TrueType support on X. So, if
xfree86-1 package in potato will not support TrueType, I wish to
upload xfs-xtt.

 Any comment?
 I'd like to be given some comments about this, Mr. Branden.

Wed Nov  3 23:50:55 JST 1999
  ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>
      a Exective Director of Japan Linux Association
      a member of Debian project            <ishikawa@debian.org>
      a member of Debian JP project         <ishikawa@debian.or.jp>
      a member of X-TrueType project (TrueType fonts support for X)

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