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Re: compilare kernel con --initrd

On Fri, 22 May 2009 21:10:15 +0200, Edoardo Panfili wrote:

> In passato avevo compilato il kernel senza molti problemi. Cosa ho
> sbagliato?

Niente di particolare. kernel-package e' cambiato ultimamente, e (IMHO) 
non per il meglio.
In particolare, dalla man page di make-kpkg:

If make-kpkg is generating a kernel-image  package,  arrange  to
convey  to the hook scripts run from the post installation main‐
tainer scripts that this image requires an initrd, and that  the
initrd  generation  hook scripts should not short circuit early.
Without this option, the example initramfs hook scripts  bundled
in with kernel-package will take no action on installation.  The
same effect can be achieved by setting the environment  variable
INITRD  to  any  non empty value.  Please note that unless there
are hook scripts in /etc/kenel or added  into  the  hook  script
parameter  of  /etc/kernel-img.conf.   no initrd will be created
(the bundled in example scripts are just examples -- user action
is required before anything happens).

Ho provato a capirci qualcosa, ma non mi sono applicato piu' di tanto.

Best Regards, Jack
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