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RE: Advertise on your site?


Your request is very short and strange :-) and miss important information:
So, I have some questions.

1) Which is the name of your website ?
2) How many banners will you provide ?
3) What trafic do you expect having on it ?
4) How do you gonna think to pay (monthly fee / per click) ?
5) Why did you choose this particular website ?
6) What will contain the banners ?
7) What is the format of the banners and where do you think to place them ?
8) What type of organisation are you: Foundation/Non-Profit ; Commercial Company ? Are you registered in EU ?

Many Thanks,

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We are trying to popularize our new site via advertising, so I want to ask you do you sell advertising space on your xantis.net? If yes, could you please tell me what is the flat monthly fee?

Kind regards,

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