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Re: Aircard 775

Kelly Ke wrote:

Happy new year.

Happy new year to you

We saw your company is selling Aircard 775 and other related modem.

We would like to know whether we have chance to cooperate. We are

that's wonderful

manufacturer of wireless modem in China. We also have Aircard 775 and Sony
Ericsson and 3G modem with low price. If you are interested in them, please
do feel free to contact me.Many thanks!

Debian [0] is the huge software collection of the World!
Actually Debian Etch (the next stable release) is composed by 293 CDs or 41 DVDs! All these are build at week base and all these process need approximately 15 hours! [1]

Debian will run on the following hardware architectures[2]:
* Intel x86 / IA-32 ("i386")
* Motorola 68k ("m68k")
* Sun SPARC ("sparc")
* Alpha ("alpha")
* Motorola/IBM PowerPC ("powerpc")
* ARM ("arm")
* MIPS CPU ("mips" e "mipsel")
* HP PA-RISC ("hppa")
* IA-64 ("ia64")
* S/390 ("s390")

There are also port for other architectures, but not yet released as officially supported:
* AMD64
* ppc64
* SuperH ("sh")
* armeb
* m32r

there are also others derived works (ie www.gnusolaris.org) and others derived distro (ie Ubuntu, Knoppix, ...)

I think Debian is the best operative system actually present on our World.

Would you like that your modems will be fully supported by Debian and other derived works and also all other GNU/Linux, BSD*, ...?
This is a very simple task and it will cost you nearly nothing!

For reach that goal you need to release all hardware documentation of your modems and let people implement driver for they without restriction ... and free software developer will generate all driver needed for run your modems on all Debian, GNU/Linux distro, BSD, ...

In that way you only need to build the hardware and the software (drivers) will give to you by the free software community ... is not that wonderful?

Other hardware production is following that way, for example Sun has released one of his sparc CPU with the GPL license [4], Google [5] sponsorship the LinuxBios project [6], openmoko project [7], ...

Best regards

[0] http://www.debian.org

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/12/msg00006.html

[2] http://www.debian.org/ports/

[3] http://opensparc-t1.sunsource.net/index.html

[4] http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

[5] http://www.google.com

the linux BIOS project: http://linuxbios.org/
the news: http://google-code-updates.blogspot.com/2006/11/google-sponsors-linuxbios-project.html

[7] http://www.openmoko.com/

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