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Re: [OT] Debian Announces Sarge Will Include GNOME 2.8

petdog wrote:

se ti iscrivi a debian-devel-announce[AT]lists[PUNTO]debian[PUNTO]org sai queste notizie immediatamente

Proprio ieri ne è arrivata una che diceva (abbrevio):

1) After requests and a detailed proposal from the GNOME team, we accepted
an upload of GNOME 2.8 into sid, and, via the usual mechanisms, into
sarge ...

2) we were also asked why we decided to go with KDE 3.2,
and if it would be possible to go with KDE 3.3 instead.  The main reason
is that KDE 3.3 in unstable started with some RC bugs, and there was no
proposal from the KDE team how to proceed ...

3) The bad news is that we still do not have an ETA for the
testing-security autobuilders to be functional.  This continues to be
the major blocker for proceeding with the freeze ...

4) As for some good news, last weekend saw several simultaneous
Bug-Squashing Parties.  They managed not only to squash some bugs, but
also to tackle some more difficult problems ...


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