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Re: gpm

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 09:20:31AM +0100, Marco Buffa wrote:
> Giordano wrote:
> >(con gpm attivo) il cursore del mouse si mette a fare le bizze.
> >
> >Infatti a tratti scompare e mi riappare in altri punti dello schermo.
> >Disattivando il servizio ciò non accade più.
> > 
> >
> Stesso identico problema, ci ho litigato per mesi, poi ho levato 
> definitivamente gpm :-(
> Se qualcuno ha una soluzione sono ben contento di saperla...

man gpm:

-Rname Causes  `gpm'  to  act  as  a repeater: any mouse data
       received while in graphic mode will be produced on the fifo
       `/dev/gpmdata' in protocol name.  In principle, you can use the
       same  names  as  for  the  `-t' option,  although repeating into
       some protocols may not be implemented for a while.  In addition,
       you can specify `raw' as the name, to repeat the mouse data byte
       by byte, without any protocol translation.  If  name is  omitted,
       it defaults  to `msc'.  Using gpm in repeater mode, you can
       configure the X server to use its fifo as a mouse device.  This
       option is useful for bus-mouse owners to override the single-open
       limitation.  It is also an easy way to manage those stupid
       dual-mode mice which force you to keep the middle button down
       while changing video mode.  The option is forced on by the `-M'


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