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Re: HELP !!!!!!

SalesDPT wrote:

> *PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!*
> I have nothing to do with Debian and I never suscribe to any mailing
> list but the following adress (efff@hongkong.com
> <mailto:efff@hongkong.com>) automatically send all the Debian mailing
> list to my adress (see following header as exemple) and I have received
> more than 34 000 mails from all the Debian Mailing Lists for the past 3
> weeks.
> I have asked directely them to stop without any success ; I have
> transmitted this problem to LISTMASTER@LISTS.DEBIAN.ORG
> <mailto:LISTMASTER@LISTS.DEBIAN.ORG> without any more succes because I
> have received more than 1 000 mails from Debian lists today.
> I am from a commercial service, I have no interest at all about Debian's
> subjects. My aim is not to bother you but and to owerflow Debian
> with emails of no interest for you but I cannot work properly with all
> these messages I receive. I do not know what to do. If someone could
> help me it would be appreciated.
> Best regards
> CR

Contatta il tuo provider e digli di installare procmail!

Sono str0n##0 lo so, ma chi di voi non ride vedendo Fantozzi?

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