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Re: ATA100

On Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 07:55:02PM +0200, MaX in the FaX wrote:
> ...linux supporta ata100 vero?
> devo usare un kernel 2.4.x o basta un 2.2.x?

Mai usati, ma 

HPT366 chipset support
  HPT366 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-66.
  HPT368 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-66 RAID Based.
  HPT370 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-100.

(in un kernel 2.4.x)

Per i 2.2 penso occorra il patch hedrick, che contiene:

+PROMISE PDC20246/PDC20262 support
+  Promise Ultra100 or PDC20265/PDC20267
+  This requires CONFIG_IDEDMA_AUTO to be enabled.
+  Please read the comments at the top of drivers/block/pdc202xx.c

+AMD Viper ATA-66/100 Override support (WIP)
+  This option auto-forces the ata66 flag.
+  This effect can be also invoked by calling "idex=ata66"

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