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Re: Un bel MTA con licenza compatibile DFSG, esiste?

Forse sottovaluto il problema, ma forse exim -f pinco@pallo fa al caso
tuo? Uno stralcio del suo manuale dice

-f <address>
       Set the address of the sender of a locally-generated message. This
       option can normally be used only by root or the Exim user or by one of
       the configured trusted users. However, anyone may use it when testing a
       filter file with -bf. In other cases, the sender of a local message is
       always set up as the user who ran the exim command, and -f is ignored,
       with one exception. If the special setting -f <> is used by an
       untrusted user, it does not affect the sender for the purposes of
       managing the Sender: and From: headers, but it does have the effect of
       causing any SMTP transmissions to be sent out with

         MAIL FROM:<>

       and local deliveries to contain

         Return-path: <>

       when configured to contain Return-path: headers.

In particolare quest'ultima parte...

ciao, lele.
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