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Re: openipmi does not connect to my IBM RSA2

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> writes:

> Do you know, whether I can use a script with wget, to access the RSA  or
> RSA2 to startup the Server?
> I need to shutdoen the servers
> 1)  for security reason
> 2)  save energy (the servers in question have more then 3 kw/h
>     and with 0,2332 ¢/kwh it is too expensive)
> since a huge number of servers are only used if they are needed,  speak,
> the do nothing some weeks and then they must give in one  week  all  the
> power it they have

Right.  No, sorry, I do not know this.  One of the major differences
using the RSA2 in an unsupported server is that I don't have the poweron
control.  I am using an external APC7920 for that purpose instead.  I
needed the remote power management for other devices anyway, so putting
the server there isn't a problem.


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