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Re: [OT] Hacking a screwed up 3C17701 (4924) from GNU/Linux

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> I have a bunch of 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4924  (3C17701)  and  one  of
> them was used at a customer which has gotten probems with there Sysadmin
> Now gotten the Switch back and...  I am fucked!

Maybe not.

> I can not use the switch anymore and it seems to be password protected.

You will need hardware console access through the console port, and to
be able to cut power to the unit.  You MAY have to locate a copy of the
firmware, and follow the direct-flash-from- bootloader procedures for
the switch, if the easy password recovery procedure doesn't work.  And
not all switches reset passwords on a bootloader-assisted recovery
reflash (and they certainly don't reset passwords on a normal firmware
upgrade reflash).

Check here:

and if that doesn't work, try:


(read it all).

HP will probably still factory-wipe the switch if you pay them for the
repair or acquire a new support contract for that unit.  Keep in mind
that the switch WAS deliberately sabotaged by your customer's rogue
sysadmin if a factory wipe is indeed required to fix the mess.

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