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Re: virtualbox guest addon don't working

On 12/01/2012 07:56, Michael Meskes wrote:
[Why is this send to so many lists?]
Because when I sent this mail, my problem isn't resolved

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 07:15:23AM +0000, Balint Szigeti wrote:
I installed virtualbox-guest-additions, virtualbox-ose,
virtualbox-ose-dkms, virtualbox-ose-qt packages.
lsmod says:
vboxdrv              1723671  2 vboxnetadp,vboxnetflt
|/|I installed|/|vbox-|/|||ose* from official repos||.
I tried install vbox fuse (
dpkg --get-selections |grep virtualbox
virtualbox-guest-additions                      install
virtualbox-ose                                  install
virtualbox-ose-dkms                             install
virtualbox-ose-fuse                             install
virtualbox-ose-qt                               install
) but nothing has changed.
All of these describe the host, but the vboxfs mount happens inside the VM, so all of this info doesn't help. So please tell us if the modules are loaded in the VM and which packages are installed there.
Maybe you're right. I don't know. I think enough to install the virtualbox-guest-additions (check this site: http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/all/virtualbox-guest-additions/filelist). After instal I mount VBoxGuestAdditions.iso under /media/cdrom and run the "sh /media/cdrom/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run" command. Then the vboxsf module is created and after reboot the VM is working correctly. (The Vbox ShareFolder is available).

I use 4.1.2 VBox.
The VM is 6.0.3 Debian. VM kernel's 2.6.32-5-amd64
In VM the vboxmanage says:
/|vboxmanage -v
How about updating your vbox tools in the VM to match at least at the major version?
It's not necessary. The share folder (original aim) is working.


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