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Re: [OFF] Fork of Dell Powervault MD3200

On 03/03/2011 07:34 PM, Rodolfo Barbosa wrote:
> Every time I have to buy a server I use to look at his
> capability matrix. I had the same issue with Dell hardware
> in the past.

Dell servers are more electric heaters than computers. They consume
about 3 times what a Supermicro would, they are also a way more
expensive, and as you could see, have very poor compatibility with Linux
and Debian. Reading that you need windows to setup the raid array just
made me smile a lot. Dell is always a bad choice for servers, as much as
I could experience.

And don't tell me that you are using Dell because of their business same
day support. For the price of 2 Dell servers, you can buy 3 Supermicro,
which gives you one spare server in case of a failure.

> For my experience HP is the hardware maker that has the best
> support for Debian.

They don't only have the best support, they also have been great
sponsors of the Debian project, Debconf, and so on. It may be the only
hardware maker that does support for Debian. You are absolutely right to
do advertisement for them. The only issue is price.

So I 100% agree with you, and I also agree that we should write about
it. It's a good return that HP deserves, for supporting Linux and Debian
in general.

Oh, and that's not only truth for servers. It's as well truth for
printers, scanners, etc. We have a big laser printer/scanner/fax
machine, and it works perfectly under Linux. I had absolutely nothing to
setup to have it to work with Sane, and it was quite easy with CUPS.


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