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RE: Dell Powervault MD3200

Good question..

We have ended up temporarily installing Windows of those servers to do the
initial configuration and then blow that away to use Linux.... kind of sucks
but the last array we build using MD3000 was done that way....

Would love to hear something to the contrary though..;)


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Does anyone have experience of configuring these disk arrays under Debian?

We have a configuration with a Dell R710 server connected via SAS to a
Dell Powervault MD3200, which in turn is daisy-chained to three MD1200
expansion units. The Dell-supplied configuration tools are designed for Red
Hat and SUSE only, and unlike other disk arrays I have used in the past,
there doesn't appear to be a web interface to configure the unit.

Also, when loading the mpt2sas kernel module, syslog reports "FIXME driver
has no support for subenclosures (3)". This is on Squeeze running
2.6.32-5-amd64 (I'm building a kernel as I write).

So, anyone had success with an MD3200 under Debian?


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