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VOD, Streaming, TV and more under DEBIAN!

Hello ISP Colleges,

Since more then one year I try to get a website for

   1)  IP TV
   2)  IP Radio
   3)  VOD

with Debian Tools running but the quality is more  worse  than  anything
else.  The applications do not work stable over arround 12  hours,  even
if I have only 2-4 customers runing on it.

So, what I want to do is a website where I can setup  "IP Radio Streams"
with fixed program with breaks for Live-Streams (e.g. from a Studio  for
Talk Shows and such)

Same count for "IP TV Streams"

Also I want to offer  VOD  (Video-On-Demand)  where  the  customers  can
choose the size of the Video (12Mbit HDTV, 6 Mbit, 3 Mbit, Podcast, ...)

Also I have the need to put an individual signature into the Streams and
DODs to trace illegal use of the videos.

Question:   What tools do you use for this kind of job?

For the VOD I like to use the original files from my storage server  and
create individual signed copies for the customers to download.  Generaly
I prefer to use OGM files and I wan to force customers  to  use  another
tool as the Windowws Media Payer becuase  this  crap  of  a  program  is
responsable for crashing my whole system (WMP create a DOS attack on the
systems with several 1000 queries and of course, it can not  handel  OGM
streams or VODs)

Note:   My current Storage Server is a Sun Fire X4250 with over 22 TByte
        of disk space, the two Streaming Servers are  Sun  Fire  X4100M2
        and the VOD Server a X4150 with 3 TByte of disk space

For me it is very important to get it running, since  I  am  ongoing  to
install next year the FTTH network in the Region where I live and  there
will bemore then 40.000 customers.

Buying commercial software is no way, since it  is  VERY  expensive  and
would only (pricely) work if I have more then 100.000 cusomers.

And of course a last thing:

    Is there someone in Gemany which can tell me WHO I have to contact
    if I want to stream TV channels here?
    I mean, I can capture the Satelite signals and multicast them
    (with e.g. VLC) in my network, but AFAIK  are  there  already
    providers, which forward the TV Channels/Streams and  I  have
    only to multicast them in my  network  (the  Iskratel  SI3000
    support multicasing by default).

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

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