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Re: RES: Custom SAMBA groups

Hi, Rodolfo:

On Tuesday 14 September 2010 19:49:48 Rodolfo Barbosa wrote:
> Navarro,
> The group RH have the filesystem access granted. This is a
> samba group but the folder to access is in the client
> machine.
> There is a folder "c:\program files\RH System\" on every
> machine with Windows on the network. Some users have to
> access this folder with read and write permissions. Instead
> to add the individual access to every user to every machine
> on the network, I have created an user group called RH witch
> I have granted full access to the folder.
> Did You understand?

I think so.

> There is no smb level access only 
> filesystem level access because the folder is on the local
> filesystem. If I grant full access to the "Domain Users"
> group the user can write on the folder but with the RH group
> he can't.

It should work (I've done that before).  The only thing I can think of is that 
the group you are allowing access to is not really the group you think it is.

Let's say that the domain/workgroup defined in samba is EXAMPLE; are you sure 
you are allowing access to the \\EXAMPLE\RH group instead of 
\\LOCALMACHINE\RH (or "plain" RH, which is the same) one?


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