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Re: Australian Internet Filtering Position

On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 5:22 PM, Ryan Halloway <ryan.halloway@gmail.com> wrote:
> Just trying to get a general opinion with what everyone thinks of the
> filtering situation in Australia. Whether you believe its a good thing or a
> bad thing or you don't really care. I'm writing a letter to an Australian MP
> (Member of Parliament) and I want to get some actual opinions of what other
> systems administrators think of the internet filter, even if they are not in
> Australia. Not only at a technical aspect but at an opinion aspect as well.
> I tried to email this around before, but I didn't get enough of a response.
> Either reply on list or pm me. I just want to get a general idea.

I'm against any sort of governmental interference in Internet usage,
especially when it comes to censorship.

Just like it's not an car salesman's job to tell you to not drive in
the swamp and your phone company's job to tell you to not call
Nigeria, it's not your ISP's job to filter your travels through the
Internet.  What you seek out on the Internet should be all on you.  If
you don't want your children to find things online that you consider
"bad", then it's up to you do deal with it.  If you don't want your
spouse to seek out "bad" things online, get a different spouse.


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