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Re: Cyrus 2.2 imapd in AMD64

Carlos Bergero wrote:
Apparently for what i read in list and in web pages/lists/readme it might be a compatibility problem in Berkeley DB use by Cyrus.

Mmm, possible but IME BDB has an unfortunate tendency to create files that are not cross-version-compatible. Upstream supposedly provides an upgrade/conversion script/binary (not sure which one), but I've never found it, and it may be in a -utils package.

So far im focused in trying to get this DB to the proper format version 9 in the standard Lenny install, and see what happens, without much success.

BDB and other binary hash files are typically discardable and can be regenerated from a plaintext source, IME. See if you can find that source, and the process or script that regenerates the live BDB files.


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