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Re: Cyrus 2.2 imapd in AMD64

El 22/04/10 20:50, Carlos Bergero escribió:
Hi there list, got some trouble running a cyrus server, actually I have an old setup running in Etch i386 without any trouble, virtual mail server and all pgsql setup for backend and postfix for MTA, all sweat. I installed a new server, better hardware, using AMD64 dist, as Etch is going to be out of security, I copy everithing but the cyrus is not properly working. I cant conect to the imap port or use imtest, to check users, when i start server first cyr_expire and then tls_prune consume lots of time doing not shure what, and i get the following syslog and kern.log error:

Apr 22 18:48:08 darwin kernel: [6121490.275489] ctl_cyrusdb[18309] general protection ip:7fecdaef0f30 sp:7fffc46d9380 error:0 in libdb-4.2.so[7fecdae4e000+ea000] Apr 22 19:12:49 darwin kernel: [6122984.242061] ctl_cyrusdb[18505]: segfault at 7f584401cefc ip 7f0a429acf30 sp 7fffb28b3cf0 error 4 in libdb-4.2.so[7f0a4290a000+ea000] Apr 22 19:13:48 darwin kernel: [6123046.804454] ctl_cyrusdb[18594]: segfault at 7f7805960efc ip 7f2a042f0f30 sp 7fff32ae8440 error 4 in libdb-4.2.so[7f2a0424e000+ea000] Apr 22 19:28:52 darwin kernel: [6124020.255192] ctl_cyrusdb[18881]: segfault at 7f8302309efc ip 7f3500c99f30 sp 7fff8d1ed6e0 error 4 in libdb-4.2.so[7f3500bf7000+ea000] Apr 22 19:57:43 darwin kernel: [6125775.477974] ctl_cyrusdb[19100] general protection ip:7fdb78441f30 sp:7ffff5879430 error:0 in libdb-4.2.so[7fdb7839f000+ea000] Apr 22 20:17:05 darwin kernel: [6127022.816744] ctl_cyrusdb[19571] general protection ip:7fe3cd7aaf30 sp:7fff03057fe0 error:0 in libdb-4.2.so[7fe3cd708000+ea000]

which is wierd!

After a while or if I kill this process cyrmaster starts but the re is no way to conect to the imap server. Configuration files are the same in both servers, etch and lenny its just not working in lenny though packages looks to be the same.
This is the cyrus.conf file:

Any clues about what could be wrong?


Apparently for what i read in list and in web pages/lists/readme it might be a compatibility problem in Berkeley DB use by Cyrus. For the record I inherit this system in a Unstable Testing server, in production, and had to do an emergency migration to Etch Old Stable, about a year ago(stable by then). Now I'm moving it to a newer server in Lenny Stable and find my self unable to start the cyrus process properly, apparently the server runs a series of checks in this DB, tls_sessions.db an deliver.db, at start time and in different crons, which get stall while running. So far I haven't been able to fix the problem but at least it seams the issue came that way, which is something. The mentioned DB has the following file format:
./tls_sessions.db: Berkeley DB (Btree, version 8, native byte-order)
./deliver.db: Berkeley DB (Btree, version 8, native byte-order)
and there a a couple of cyrus DB files which readme upgrade ask to migrate with a cyrus tool which is not working atm, ./mailboxes.db: Cyrus skiplist DB (which it has a different name simply mailboxes, without the .db extension) ./annotations.db: Cyrus skiplist DB (which is not mentioned in the tutorial) So far im focused in trying to get this DB to the proper format version 9 in the standard Lenny install, and see what happens, without much success.
If I manage to work it out ill post the process int list.
If anyone has a better clue ill appreciate it :)


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