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Re: Web cache solution

Hi Rodolfo,

This works well if its setup correctly. First key is to have fast drives, especially if you have a lot of clients accessing it. We run 15K SAS drives, 10K SAS and UWSCSI would do fine also but stay away from Sata and IDE. Second key is run COSS filesystem for smaller files and aufs ( if on Linux ) for the larger files, running on ReiserFS. Lastly if you have a Cisco router use wccp, it runs well, is transparent and handles failures.

Hope this helps.



Rodolfo Barbosa wrote:

I want to improve my ISP's clients web access. I was think
about install a Squid proxy server an make all my network
pass through him. Is it a good idea? Ha would I do that?

Rodolfo Barbosa
Lunar Consultoria
CEL: +55 (35) 9132-0764

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