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Re: Maximum number of available partitions on Debian GNU/Linux (lenny).

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Hans Peter Wiedau <hpw@quelltext.com> wrote:
> Consider using only one VG and create all logical volumes in this volume
> group.
>> Not being able to use more than 10 partitions for the mailboxes in
>> /home kind of ruins the above plan.
> Of course you need only one Partition over all available space on each
> hard disk. You use this partition to create a physical volume. All
> physical volumes go into your one and only mail volume group.

Yes, this is an options too. I was trying to avoid this implementation
because there
is a greater risk of data loss with 1TB partitions than it is with
smaller ones. Also, if
the physical volume (PV) is corrupted I'm not sure if any of the LVs can be used
anymore or all data is lost. With smaller partitions the chances of
losing all mails
are not that high. Yes, I'm having two disks on software RAID1 too.

Thanks to Hans and Keith

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