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Re: Debian (xen) dedicated server hosting in Central Europe

2009/10/12 Wojciech Ziniewicz <wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com>:
> Hey,
> Due to obnoxious and comic problems with OVH ( after this weekend we
> claim that OVH is just a joke)  , we are searching for another company
> for hosting on dedicated servers with debian Xen hypervisor
> preinstalled with newest kernel and security patches of course.
> Can you recommend me any company preferably in Central or Central-East
> Europe (maybe Germany ? ) .
> What do you think about hetzner.de ?

Hetzner is nice and quite cheap, but you mostly get a standard package
and support. They don't have nice backup plans AFAIK, and if it
breaks, you get good tools to fixe the problem, but you remain on your
own. If it's urgent and you need to fix it quickly, that might be a

Hetzener is nice when it comes to getting (remote) tools to manage you
server. You can do a lot remotely and automatically through their web
robot( stuff like netbooting a recovery environment, managing the
setup of you favourite distro, ...)

AFAIK They don't provide specifi XEN centrix services, you'll need to
roll that out yourself.

> For now we are paying something like 200-300 Euros/month for one
> server with 16gb ram and 2 xeons with 100 GB of backup (cheaper
> servers have 750gb of backup :| ) plus LSI raid disks with XEN
> preinstalled.

> What is the main problem : we are hosting tens of domains on this
> server but OVH did switch off this box because they claim that we've
> scanned some botnet address (
> ) what is probably not true or even if it's true, they should contact
> with us . The problem is that they don't have support on Sunday so if
> there server was switched off on Saturday 19, it will be switched on
> on Monday at 12  - what gives us 42h of downtime . I couldn't stop
> laughing thru tears.

Hetzner does the same: the auto cut your machine off the net if they
get something ugly on their monitor. The only proper way you get to
fix things are
- requesting a remote console to be plugged on your host (ugly java
app) - response time of their support is quick, but I'm not sure which
hours they do
- reinstalling
But they might be more responsive on Sundays, not sure about that. All
in all my experience is that they are very responsive.

Hetzner has a good price-quality, and you get a lot ( of automated
stuff) for what  you pay for, but I wouldn't recommend it if your
business depends on high uptimes. (The only way to score better at
Hetzner on that level would be to rent two machines and manage your
own disaster recovery that way...)

If you need quality, be sure to check the guys at
http://www.openminds.be, their site is in Dutch, but don't hesitate on
emailing them.


     Met vriendelijke groet,

     Serge van Ginderachter

"Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be
happy." - Cynthia Nelms

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