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Re: abuse report management system

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Henrique de Moraes
Holschuh<hmh@debian.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Aug 2009, Wojciech Ziniewicz wrote:
>> Does anybody know any free or opensource system that could help us
>> dealing with those abuse reports (trapping abuse@mydoman.com mails and
>> sending notification to clients)??
> Yes, OTRS can do it.  Request-tracker can also do it.  They can do a lot
> more, though (they're full ticket-based request tracking systems).
> All of them will require some manual intervention.  OTRS helps you send
> template-based replies, which could help speed up the request processing.  I
> don't know if RT (request tracker) can do that.

We use OTRS and have been using it for years.  I was interested in
migrating to RT since it has a nicer interface.  After using RT in
testing for a while, I decided that I really liked OTRS much better.
It might not be as pretty, but it's definitely got a huge number of
features and feels better-written than RT.

Just as an example: in RT you start with a ticket ID (usually #1) and
it goes up from there.  We use OTRS on several servers and need the
ticket IDs to be unique across them.  It supports a "server ID"
embedded in the ticket ID to deal with this.  Also, if you want the
ticket IDs to be randomized or time-based, you can do that easily.  In
RT, you have to hack the code to make it work.

We do all kinds of hackish things with OTRS that were never intended
to be done.  Plus it's fully integrated in our billing and accounting
systems, so we don't have to do dual-entry.  It does a great job of
keeping track of time and people.  And if you really don't like the
look of it, you can just make your own interface.  Oh, and it's
integrated in our Asterisk-based phone system as well.  A customer can
call in with their customer and ticket numbers and get status reports
and get forwarded to the person in charge of the ticket.  It's really
a beautiful thing.

The only problem I have currently is the newest version of OTRS with
HTML email support makes it difficult to reply inline.  We just have
the HTML email support disabled for outgoing emails for now.  (And
probably should leave it off anyway...)

RT is really nice, but I choose to stick with OTRS.  I really do recommend OTRS.

(don't need to CC me, I'm on the list)

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