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Re: Satate of the art wab mail solution

Rodolfo Barbosa schrieb:

What is the state of the art mail solution for linux? I mean what is the
most advanced webmail software?
Is it Zimbra?


I would definitively recommend zimbra, it is very easy to install, integrates every mail component in a nice way, and is installable via debian packages built from the zimbra people. We use it here for 30 users and I am delighted by the admin console: you have command line tools for every task in zimbra, and a web admin console too. The webmail is also quite good, much closer to gmail with a lot of javascript than anything I know, and you have also a plain html view if you need it.
Documentation and releases notes are very good as well.
Zimbra is used by the french ISP free.fr as their standard webmail.
However zimbra is released in a kind of badgeware license ( ie you have a big yahoo search button on the webmail ) which is not even yet OSI approved.



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